World of Children 

2010 Humanitarian Award Honoree


The World of Children Awards is the only global recognition and funding program for people specifically and exclusively serving the needs of children. Now a thirteen-year old philanthropy dedicated to identifying and leveraging the efforts of those working on the ground to improve children's lives, the World of Children Awards has recognized some of the most promising change-makers for children worldwide, World of Children Awards set the gold standard for child advocacy and to receive a World of Children Award today, is to be honored with a coveted badge of merit.

Often referred to by the media as the Nobel Prize© for Child Advocates, the World of Children Awards program searches the globe for the most effective change-makers and provides funding and recognition to support their life-changing work for children. As such, the World of Children Awards acts like a social venture capitalist - employing a world-class research, review, vetting, and selection process led by a committee of independent experts and professionals to find those individuals who are pioneering life-changing programs to benefit children. Then the World of Children Awards invests, through cash grants, in the most effective programs for children with a demonstrated track record of success. The Winners are honored at an annual Awards ceremony in New York City and helps them to leverage the World of Children Award to raise additional funds and generate visibility and develop strategic partnerships for their programs. 


World of Children staff will first review all Nominations submitted to be sure they meet eligibility requirements. Qualified Nominations are then reviewed by a National Selection Committee, and an International Advisory Committee. Both Committees are comprised of leaders with diverse backgrounds and expertise. The Review Committees are provided with standardized criteria for reviewing and scoring Nominations. To protect the mission and integrity of the World of Children Awards, an international investigative agency conducts an independent audit of each final applicant, and the program they lead to serve children. In the final selection stage, the World of Children Board of Governors reviews the independent audit reports, and votes to approve the final slate of Honorees. 


The 2010 Humanitarian Award

The Humanitarian Award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to children in the areas of social services, education or humanitarian services. Nominee must have created, managed or otherwise supported a sustainable program which has significantly contributed to children's opportunities to be safe, to learn and to grow.
Nominee must do this work over and above their normal employment, or work for little or no pay.
Nominee must have been doing this for a minimum of ten years. Nominee must have an existing non-profit organization in good standing, which can receive grant funds if awarded. 



At a Glance

Leonor dedicated her live to help the children of Guatemala after caring for victims of a massive earthquake that struck in 1976. Leonor saved children from garbage dumps and the streets. She used World of Children Award funds to give orphans a safe home, education and medical treatment.