Emmaus Medical Mission

In the fall of 2001, a small group of doctors, nurses and volunteers traveled on the first medical mission to Sumpango Sacatepequez, Guatemala. After treating more than a thousand patients, many of whom had walked all night through the mountains to be attended by doctors, the medical team agreed to return twice a year in the spring and fall, to treat the underserved mountain people of Guatemala.  In just a couple of years the medical mission grew to more than thirty volunteers and has taken the official name Emmaus Medical Mission.

Emmaus Medical Mission operates like a well-oiled machine with logistics teams and primary care and multidisciplinary specialists serving a wide range of health care needs. From assembly to dismantle, the clinics resemble a full on “MASH “unit with the capacity to provide quality health services on site.  Each team member travels with two duffle bags full of medications and supplements. Medicines arrive with the team to ensure nothing is lost on the way; they are carried by hand and delivered by the doctors to the patients for whom they were intended. No governmental or non-governmental organization serves as an intermediary or has access to drugs at any point in the mission, ensuring full accountability.

The Emmaus Medical Mission welcomes doctors, nurses, and volunteers of all religions, beliefs, and walks of life. The foundation of the mission has always been to provide love and medical care for those who have been forgotten, and to ensure that they are never forgotten again. 

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