A long-time dream of Leonor, the clinic opened in 2007 thanks to a very generous donation made by Margarita Galiana, a Cuban-American businesswoman from Miami. The equipment was donated by the Northbrook Rotary Club of Chicago along with Enrique and Luis Miguel Castillo, enterpreneurs from Guatemala.

Currently, over one hundred children and their families are being treated. Children receive treatments three to five times per week.Treatments, medications, transportation, snacks and supplies are provided free of charge.

The Objective

The objective of the clinic is to improve the quality of life for children with neurological disorders, their parents and siblings. The parents are comforted by understanding their child's disease and given tools to help them and their child to cope with their limitations. This alleviates the frustration, shame and guilt often associated with common neurological disorders.

The most common disorders are autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, learning disabilities and attention defficit disorders. Treatment services provided include:

  • Neurological and psychological evaluation.
  • MRI, EEG and medicines.
  • Physical, occupational, sensorial and speech therapies.
  • Parental and therapeutical training seminars.

Every child treated at the clinic has seen a marked improvement in their condition.

Special Education Program

This program serves community children participating in the neurological center services. Each child is provided with a specialized education plan for his/her specific needs.

Services provided include:

  • Each child is evaluated for developmental level
  • Individualized educational program per child.
  • Comprehensive educational services provided by a psychologist certified in special education.
  • 10-12 students per teacher and assistant
  • Snacks and transportation are provided

There are more than 100 children on a waiting list.